Manufacturer and Wholesaler of detergents, soaps, bleach and multi purpose cleaners

We supply a range of Water Based cleaning detergents for household and industrial use. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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Greater Veriety

Choose Mc-Bright for greater veriety. We sell a detergent for every aspect of cleaning, from general household to industrial use. We manufacture a detergent for all your cleaning needs.

Mc-Bright Household solutions.

We have manufactured our detergents with household users in mind. Offering greater selections of detergents for every household need. View our product pages to see how you can make Mc-Bright a household name.

Industrial Use

The same quality but in a larger package, means more washes and more savings. Mc-Bright now offers large containers with the same unique contents and concentration to remove the stubborn grease and keep your kitchen sparkling clean.

Automotive Cleaning

Mc-Bright has car care covered. Car & Bike shampoo for the exterior and Engine Cleaner for under the bonnet and Hand Cleaner that will remove the toughest of grease and oil markings with micro particles and grit that's tough of grease but smooth on hands

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